Release notes

Version 2.0.0a open source edition

This version does not include the examples. It is meant to run on PHP5 only. If you retieved this page from a http server that supports PHP, Click here to try it out.

This version does not include pntUnit. For security reasons the framework is no longer shipped together with development tools like pnt/unit. Please visit the Forum if you want pntUnit to be made available as a seperate download.

What's new

Since 2.0.0

- SaveAction could not find the edited object if id > 999.
- fixed PntGen::includeClass bug: missing slash after classes folder name
- Gen removed all methods (::includeClass and tryIncludeClass because they are is not safe with register_globals ON)

Since 1.5.0

Remarks for upgrading existing applications

For upgrading from 2.0.0 replace classes/pnt/classPntGen.php and update your classes/classGen.php and includes/skinDetailsFormStartPart.php

For existing phpPeanuts 1.5 applications both the adaptation to PHP 5 and the increased flexibilty required many changes that will break the code. To upgrade such an application you need to do a series of search and replace adaptations throughout the entire code of the application as well as refactoring of page specilizations of several types of pages. For detailed instructions see the release notes of the upgrade release you can download from the phpPeanuts website.

Known bugs and limitations

  1. Does not run op PHP 4 (use phpPeanuts 1.5 for PHP 4)
  2. Though the framework has DAO classes that are successfully used as the database abstraction layer with MySQL and SqLite, the use with other databases may require some additional refactoring. Please inform us about eventual problems and solutions with the use of other databases. (Known: Oracle versions below 9 do not support standard explicit JOIN syntax, but producing JOIN instuctions is not delegated to DAO objects and can not be easily refactored to do so.)
  3. The AGPL license requires you to make the source of applications using this version of phpPeanuts available to any users outside your own organization, and allow them forward it to the rest of the world. An extended commercial edition is available on request under developers licenses that do not include obligations to publish derived works etc. For more info see the Support menu of the phpPeanuts website.