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fixes in 1.2.0

x pnt.unit.web.PntUnitTestResultPart::printTestStatisticsRow
 now sets whole peanut image if result is 'Strict', but not if 'Notice'
x PntQueryHandler::in debugged

x becuase of incorrect conversion to html if SaveAction validation fails:
 . PntXmlTextPart added member variable $contentLabel
 . PntXmlTextPart::getContentLabelWith added
 . PntXmlTextPart::setContenLabel added
 . PntXmlTextPart::getMarkupWith now calls getContentLabelWith
 . PntFormNavValue::getContentLabelWith added
 . PntFormNavValue::getMarkupWith now calls getContentLabelWith
 . PntFormNavValue::setConvertMarkup now sets contentLabel instead of markup
 . PntRequestHandler::getFormTexts now calls setContenLabel instead of setMarkup
 . PntDialogWidget::initialize now uses contentLabel instead of markup
 . PntSelectWidget::initialize now uses contentLabel instead of markup