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fixes in 1.3.beta2

  • PntUnitTestResultsPart::inspectorLink now refers to Inspect.php instead of just Inspect
  • PntPregFilterExpression class name fixed (was PntPregFilterExpresson) in:
    - class file
    - PntUnitScriptPart::getFileFilter
    - pntUnit/index.php
    - Inspect.php includeTestcaseClass
  • ObjectSortDialog specialzation code for dutch removed
  • PntHcodeObject::getKey now checks isSet($this->packageKey)
  • PntErrorPage::initForHandleRequest now starts session and calls doScouting
  • PntErrorPage::doScouting added; fools next page to think referrer was the previous page
  • When an MtoNDialog is reopend after closing, the current values of the MtoNDialogWidget it was opened from are not reflected in the dialog.
  • 19 methods triggering E_NOTICE "Only variable references should be returned by reference", see changes.txt