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fixes in 1.3.beta3

Fixes for php4.4 and 5.1 and up Reference notifications:

  • 36 functions triggering E_NOTICE "Only variable references should be returned by reference"
  • 6 functions triggering E_NOTICE "Only variables should be assigned by reference"
  • Over 140 functions now returning/assigning array by value
  • PntErrorHandler::handleError no longer suppresses Php44RefNotice

Other fixes:

  • 8 functions now assigning result of new by value
  • PntPage::getInitConverter now uses isSet, polymorhism bug fixed
  • PntDbClassDescriptor::_getDescribedClassInstanceForData $this->peanutsById[$assocArray['id']] checked to be set
  • PntObjectSearchPage::PntObjectSearchPage added
  • PntSqlJoinFilter::addJoinTableAndConditionByTableAlias again adds tableName to alias (fixes problem: JOIN over polymorphic relation errors)