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fixes 1.1 beta 2

x Evaluating php source from session apears to be seen as a security hazard
according to www.php.net, annoucement of php version 4.3.10. pnt.web.PntSite::getGlobalFilters now instantiates filter from array instead of evaluating php source from session.

x classes.pnt.unit.PntTest
 field $case renamed $tstCase for Eclipse plugin parser compatibility
x classes.pnt.meta.PntNavigation::byNav1SortKey()
 length calcualtion bug fixed
x classes.pnt.web.widgets.PntDialogWidget
 id = 0 for new object gave method call on null
x pnt.meta.PntClassDescriptor::getParentclassDescriptor
 returns class descriptor with lower case name,
    which causes pnt.db.PntDbClassDescriptor::_getDescribedClassInstanceForData to inifinitely loop recursively (polymorphism support)
x pnt.web.pages.PntPropertyPage::getButtonsList
 did not refer to different application folder if the properties class dir is not the own domainDir
x pnt.web.pages.PntObjectIndexPage::getItemsInfo
 may trigger notification. Now it calls getRequestedObject instead of using $this->object directly
x pnt.unit.web.classPntUnitScriptPart.php
 line 153 triggers notification

notifications from examples:
x example11/skinDetailsPart line 11
x classes/pnt/generalFunctions.php 8

x exampleA1.TreeItem line 43
x example10.ObjectEditDetailsPage.php line 13
x example3 and up, .HoursCategory line 45

x pnt.unit.PntUnitTestErrorHandler::startHandling
 removed unnecessary error_reporting($this->reportingLevel);
x pnt.web.PntSite::PntSite
 removed "r" argument from function call file() in implode() argument list
x DialogWidget now supports getter/setter for derived property that do not use
  id in the normal way
  ! PntSelectWidget can not handle this. This has now been documented
x pnt.unit.web.PntUnitTestResultsPart::inspectorLink
 removed errorneous $fileName = $this->classMap[$className];
x pnt.unit.PntUnitTestErrorHandler::startHandling
 removed unnecessary error_reporting($this->reportingLevel);
x pnt.unit.web.PntUnitTestResultsPart::testLink
 triggered notifications $case->hcodeClass does not exist
x pnt.test.unit.PntFatalErrorTest::testFatalError
 triggered notification $null does not exist
x pnt.web.widgets.PntSelectWidget::initialize
 selectwidget did not show selection supplied by url
 (showed up with creating new object from propertypage)
x PntPropertyDescriptor::primitiveTypes inconsistent with PntSringConverter:
  time, boolean and currency missing

x PntPropertyDescriptor::primitiveTypes inconsistent with PntSringConverter:
  time, boolean and currency missing