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Application Generator

The phpPeanuts framework dynamically produces a complete initial application from very little domain model code. This helps to make the application development phase  more stepwise and interactive and allows to retain a lot of flexibility deep into the maintenance phase.

The application generator aims to do the same with the design phase by converting a domain model desing that is formalised in a few html tables into a working phpPeanuts application prototype. This allows a prototyping cycle of only two days: one for collecting requirements and one for analysis, desing and prototyping. The third day potential users can try out the prototype instead of having to try to understand abstract desing documentation.

The application generator can also generate historical data managment applications (requires the HDM extension).

Currently MetaClass seeks to use the Application Generator to investigate the added value of early prototyping in the requirements, analysis and desing process. If you are interested to take part in this investigation please contact MetaClass.