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2007-02-22 17:44:33
As you see the old phorum software has been replaced by a new, custom made component. The old software had to be replaced because it was a security risk.

The new software is built using phpPeanuts and is only 26 Kb in total. I hope its simplicity will make it less vurnerable to hacking. Furthermore, a CMS component it blends in better with the site so that we could add user contributed notes to the documetation pages.

The downside to the simplicity is that it, for now, does only the most necessary. For example there is no support for forum codes for urls. Furthermore there is no option to send you an email when a reaction is posted to a thread you have posted on. OTOH the message text is shown in a monospace font and line feeds are converted to <BR> so that php code you enter should not get messed up if it fits in the line width.

Given its simplicity there may be (more) things you miss in the forum/notes software. Don's hesitate to add a reply to this topic to let me know what it is, how it should work and why you think it's enough an omission to spend some time on.
2007-02-22 18:32:05
testing    1  2   3    4

    function printComments() {
        $comments = $this->getComments();
        if (count($comments) == 0)
            return $this->printNoCommentsMessage();
        forEach(array_keys($comments) as $key) {
            $this->comment =& $comments[$key];

Looks all right, doesn't it?
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