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Stupid Tutorial

2008-12-03 09:39:36
Sorry guys, but stupidest tutorial I've ever seen. There's no step by step code example. Full of text with links.
Visit http://framework.maintainable.com/mvc/3_model.php and see how tutorial / manual should be.
The description "Dynamic Scaffolding Application Framework. It doesn’t do just CRUD, relations and searching are also scaffolded (user interface and ORM). Favors default reasoning and the ‘once and only once’ principle. Adapts dynamically to changes in meta data." looks promising, but work on your site. It is not attractive; as if you're saying, we developed this framework, but we don't want people understand and use it.
2008-12-03 16:01:03
Indeed the phpPeanuts tutorials require more from you then step by step following instuctions. This is because:

1) Different visitors of this site will have a different pre-existing knowledge. The many links in the tutorial allow those who already know a lot to skip many details, while those who need more explanation can follow the links to get more detailed explanations.

2) Developing software is usually not a lineair process, but rather an interative process of setting up and improving main lines, filling in many layers of details and refactoring. So someone who at first could skip many details may later on need some of the detailed explanations. The tutorials and the rest of the website are designed to support such a non-lineaur process.

3) Because of the scaffolding of phpPeanuts is very easy to get yourself a working default application. The hard part is to make YOUR application work allmost exactly like you want it to with adding little configuration and code. There are many things you can want and many ways you can override the framework to make it happen. The tutorial can only cover a small amount, the most common ways. To really get what you want you will have to explore, digging into the frameworks code, understanding pieces of how it works, then override those pieces you need to work differently in specific situations. You can not learn this from a step by step tutorial. Making a step by step tutorial that would help you with the easy part will only delay the point where you will find out that you need to explore, think and understand it yourself. If you are not prepared to do that, you better not waist your time on phpPeanuts.
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