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Reference anomalies patch

2004-04-21 13:32:10
If you are using 1.0.beta.1c or earlier, to get rid of [url=http://www.phppeanuts.org/site/index_php/Pagina/167]reference anomalies[/url], replace the existing method in classes/pnt/meta/classPntPropertyDescriptor.php with the following code:

/** Answer the property value for the object
* If a getter method exists, answer the method result.
* else derive value through default behavior
function &_getValueFor(&$obj)
    //use getter method if there
    $name = $this->getName();
    $mth = "get$name";
    if (method_exists($obj, $mth)) {
        if ($this->isMultiValue() || class_exists($this->getType())) {
            return $obj->$mth();  
        } else { //FINAL (?) workaround for reference anomalies
            $value = $obj->$mth();  
            return $value;
    return $this->_deriveValueFor($obj);

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