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Release 1.0a; Priorities for next beta

2004-06-08 00:50:33

As you might have noticed we have now a first production release. The beta 1c this release was based on has been downloaded 195 times during 10 weeks and the only bugs that where reported where a reference anomaly on the phpPeanuts website (disappeared when the generic workaround was installed) and a minor bug in an example. Therefore we decided to move it to production rather then a newer version which may be somewhat better on known bugs, but has not been tested this well. but has not been tested this well.

The polymorphism support for the next beta is allmost finished, and tested. We expected it to be available in july 2004, but because we where busy it will probably be october or november. The beta will probably include:
- support for multi value properties in navigational queries.
- HorizontalTablePart that lists peanuts horizontally (one peanut per column) and properties vertically (one property per row), and
- fixes for the notifications the framework is triggering.

Next priorities will probably be (we are open for suggestions):
- Testing and adapting for php5,
- User authorization and access control,
- More advanced searchpage,
- Navigation of multi value properties in Search options,
- Part for editing n to m relationships
- Documenting pnt/unit,
- Completing the hypercode browsers,
- More unit tests,
- More Method comments.

If you want to contribute to phpPeanuts yourself, the easiest way is probably to develop and donate a [url=http://www.phppeanuts.org/site/index_php/Pagina/125]Part[/url]. Parts like a dropdown menu and an expandable tree dialog would be nice i guess. A Part for managing n to m relationships too (currently you have to add a relation object to a multi value property, then select a value for its other side reference - this can be improved upon). I guess you can come up with many more usefull parts.


Henk Verhoeven.

Post Edited (10-10-04 19:08)
2004-09-23 21:44:34
Development of the framework has been slowed down by an other project. We expect to have more time next weeks. Probably next beta will be available in october.
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