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Re: User Authorization

2004-09-23 22:07:42
-------- L. Wrote --------------------------------------------------

Hi, Please I like to try the framework.. but I got a lot of problems trying to setup a user auth, the help in you site is very simple, can you help in this??

Please someone can send me more instructions like the name of the class objectlogin extends.. and the locations of the functions I think I have to modify of override??

Thanks.. Hope I find this usefull

--------------Henk wrote: ------------------------------------------
Hi L,

To my regret i can not understand what you are trying to do from your description. There is no user authorization built into phpPeanuts, but it does use the database MySQL. It tries to connect to that database and the database may require you to be an authorized user (or not, that depends on how it is set up). Be sure you have access to a fully functional MySQL and that you have tried it out successfully with a simple script of your own.

Maybe i can help you if you:
- tell us the url of the help on our site you are referring to,
- explain what actions you performed to reach your goal, what you expected to happen and what really happened. Please be precise: include full path names, urls, error messages etc., that will make it much easier for us to understand your problem and help you.
- if you think the problem is with the database connection, please include your script that sucessfully tested the database. We may be able to see from that what to do to make phpPeanuts work with it.

Please do so on the forum, so that other users can help you too and the help can be used by other users with the same questions. Furthermore, other users may actually be better in understanding your problems then we are, because their background and knowledge may be more like yours. If you think the forum is too quiet: We have set up the forum to send us an email for every message that is placed there, so sending us an email directly is not getting our attention any faster then placing your question on the forum. The forum is on url: http://www.phppeanuts.org/site/index_php/Menu/133/Forum.html

Any further questions you send us will be pubished and anwered on the forum (unless you want to register for commercial support ). We will not place your name or email adress on the forum unless you specificly want us to.

Greetings, success,

Henk Verhoeven,

---------L. wrote: ------------------------------------------------

Thanks for your reply..
Sorry, I thinks I wrote the last email too fast, I give your no much info..

What I'm trying to do is, that is described in the url: http://www.phppeanuts.org/site/index_php/Pagina/85/add+user+authorization+to+an+application.html

I'm trying to develop my own user login form to my application..
but is very dificult to follow you help in the url I wrote before.
There is nothing wrong with my db or db connection... I have problems in all the steps in your help..

For example, "You will need to develop a class ObjectLoginPage either in the root classFolder or the application classFolder", but you don't give the name of the class to extent..

"You can do that for all applications by overriding the forwardRequest method in Site in the root classFolder", that ok, but and there is no example code??, I think that I have to validade here the session and redirect to the login form.. maybe..

Please If you can write a small example or specify in a better for the way to develop this will be a great..

I will help to understand many aspects of the framwork..



--Henk wrote: ----------------------------------------------------

The others from MetaClass just built a simple form of user authorization (just ALLOW if username and password are from a known user and DENY all others). Unfortunately it is part of their application, they did not yet make the user authorization code available to phpPeanuts. In order to send you an example i need to:
A) isolate the user authorization code,
A) integrate it into a copy of a phpPeanuts example,
A) add some pages for user management,
A) create a SQL file that define the user table(s) and their indexes,
B) test it all,
B) write some doucumentation.
This  may be one (A) or two (A and B) days work, and right now i do not have the time. Maybe i can do it in September. Maybe the others from MetaClass want to do it. I'll let you know when i know more.


Henk Verhoeven.

P.S. This will obviously not happen in September. Maybe october.

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