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1.1 beta 2: download now!

2004-11-02 23:02:54

PhpPeanuts 1.1 beta 2 is now available for download. For testing we have switched on error reporting for notifications.

The improvements the new 1.1 version will bring are in the basics rather then in end user functions:
- HorizontalTablePart that lists peanuts horizontally (one peanut per column) and properties vertically (one property per row),
- SearchPage support for application of global filter,
- polymorphic persistancy,
- support for multi value properties in navigational queries,
- no more notifications triggered by the framework and the examples
- support for time datatype
- ErrorHandler now properly handles errors in error handling, thus avoinding endlessly looping
- ErrorHandler level for logging can now be set seperately
- null values can be stored for number, date, time and timestamp datatypes.

The null values can cause query errors, see [url=http://www.phppeanuts.org/examples/readme.html]readme.html[/url] for details.

Beta 2 is mainly fixing bugs that where found in beta 1, see the readme and the bugs page.

An important issue for beta testing is finding any remaining notifications. Notifications unnecessarily slow down the execution of php code. Avoinding notifications does help to avoid bugs (we found several bugs while weeding out the notifications). To help you find eventual notifications in phpPeanuts, the beta is released with error_reporting set to E_ALL (you can set error_reporting back to normal if you do not want this. In the production release it will be back to normal).


Henk Verhoeven,

PS. If you want to run phpPeanuts on php5, check out the portable version upgrade.

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