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ok maybe im a dolt...

2004-11-26 19:19:37
ok i tried setting it up by following the examples and the only thing i can access is employees... can someone steer me in the right direction here???

this is my skinMenupart

<a href=../ygstc/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla target=_blank>YGSTC:STORE</a><BR><?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC') ?>
<a href=../example1/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla>1. Employee base</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:Employee Base') ?>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="index.php?pntType=Employee&phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla" title="All Employees">Employees</a><BR>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="index.php?pntType=Hours&pntHandler=SearchPage&phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla" title="Search Hours">Hours</a><BR>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="index.php?pntType=HoursCategory&phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla" title="Hours Categories">Hr.Categories</a><BR>
<a href=../example2/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla>2.&nbsp;Hours&nbsp;registration</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:Hours Registration') ?>

<a href=../example3/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla title='3. Hours with options'>3. Options</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:Options') ?>

<a href=../example4/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla title='4. Metadata for user interface'>4. UI metadata</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:UI MetaData') ?>

<a href=../example5/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla title='5. Custom skin for Employee details'>5. Custom skin</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:Custom SKin') ?>

<a href=../example6/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla title='6. Custom menu part for Employee details'>6. Custom menu part</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:Custom Menu Part') ?>

<a href=../example7/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla title='7. Custom page class for Employee - Hours'>7. Custom page class</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:Custom Page Class') ?>

<a href=../example8/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla title='8. Custom table column generated by an event handler'>8. Event handler</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:Event Handler') ?>

<a href=../example9/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla title='9. Filtering Employee hours by date'>9. Global Filter</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('YGSTC:Global Filters') ?>

2004-11-30 18:19:03
Hi sobie,

Welcome to the Forum!. You have made a lot of changes to your skinMenuPart. This makes it hard for me to understand what you are trying to do. I am going to guess, please correct me if my guesses are wrong.

My best guess it that you want to set up an application in folder 'ygstc'. To do this you probably copied the content of one examples folder to a new ygstc folder and its classes folder to a new classes/ygstc folder. You edited ygstc/index.php to pass 'ygstc' to the new Site. Then you tried to adapt skinMenuPart to offer an entry to your new application.

For the last step you should not have made all these modification to skinMenuPart, you should just have added the foillowing lines above the nbsp at the end of the file:

<a href=../ygstc/index.php?phpMyAdmin=oREp-vnPv3txpxCmFfa13pEJgQe&phpMyAdmin=OqRUnoM74y8EFO0EhEBpw8UExla>YGSTC:STORE</a><BR>
<?php $this->printSubmenu('ygstc') ?>

This should add your new application to the menu showing it as 'YGSTC:STORE'. It should not change the existing examples. So if i am guessing right i suggest you restore the original skinMenuPart.php and add the above lines.

I hope this helps you in the right direction. Generally your chances of success are better if you make one small change at a time, then test to see if it works as expected. If it doesn't you can allways aks here. Because there will be only one change that does not work, it will probably be easier for me to understand what you are trying to do.

Greetings, Succes,

Henk Verhoeven,
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