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running peanuts on php5

2004-12-15 18:36:22

Thanks to the inspiration and help from a developer that wanted to develop with phpPeanuts on ph5, an upgrade to a portable version is now available for download. It is functionally equal to phpPeanuts 1.1 beta 2, but runs on both php4 and php5, the last with zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = On as well as Off. On php5 the code is not free of E_STRICT notifications.

All future releases of phpPeanuts will be portable between php4 and php5 until php5 is the most common platform for web hosting with php. You can make your own applications portable too, so that the same code does the same on both platforms. See the readme that comes with the download for instructions.

Currently we only use php5 for development and testing, so for the moment we must warn you that on php5 phpPeanuts has tested considerably less then on php4.


Henk Verhoeven,

Post Edited (12-28-04 11:39)
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