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Developing your own components

2006-05-30 23:31:18
When you have developed a usefull new component, and are using it in your own software, you will every now and then have to spend time on it to maintain it or extend it. When you switch to a new version of phpPeanuts you may have more maintenance to do in order to make it work properly with the new version.

This becomes even more irritating if the same kind of functionality is added to phpPeanuts: you are stuck maintaining your old code or you have to refactor your application to use the phpPeanuts code. The last may not be very attractive because the first version of the component in phpPeanuts may not have all of the features of your own component.

The simpelest way to avoid this is to contribute your code to phpPeanuts. Then it is likely that a solution that is included in next phpPeanuts version will be quite compatible with your own version. New features added will blend in much easyer so that you can profit from our work with less effort.

Of course all this requires you to develop reusable components first. But shouldn't you anyway?
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