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Unable to see empty application

2005-04-14 07:36:50
Downloaded and installed phpPeanuts however I am unable to see the empty application (web page is completely blank).

Can you update me on the following instructions:

"Edit the baseurl.txt file in the classes folder. Replace the url by the url that points to the folder you installed php in. Your url meust end with a slash ( / ). Save the file, if you downloaded it, upload it."

PHP is installed under d:\php.  I'm unsure how to convert the drive mapping to a URL (if that is what is meant by the installation instructions).
2005-04-14 09:55:25

What http server are you using? You need to put the peanuts folder in its www root.  So suppose you use apache, installed in D:\apache, then the www root is usually D:\apache\htdocs. Then you put the phpPeanuts_1_1 folder there: D:\apache\htdocs\phpPeanuts_1_1. This results in the empty application to be at http://localhost/phpPeanuts_1_1/emptyapp/index.php

You may have to start your http server first, or it may autostart when you start you computer, this depends on your setup. First test http://localhost/ , it should show the welcome documeunt of the http server, or whatever index.html or index.php you hae put into the www root.  Then make a simple php script, put it in the www root and test it. If that works, try the empty application.

The the baseurl.txt file is not necessary for the empty application. It is only used when you click Update, Create New or Delete from an EditDetailsPage or 'Delete Marked' from an Index- or PropertyPage. None of these buttons exist in the empy application (they do in the examples).


Henk Verhoeven.

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