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Version 1.5 now available

Henk Verhoeven
2010-10-30 17:38:49
phpPeanuts 1.5.0 is now available for download. It is a maintenance release, mostly fixing bugs and small omissions. It is still compatible with both php4 and php5. Most important improvements:
- adapted to PHP 5.3
- classes subdirs can be placed on arbitrary location while their content can still be included with includeClass
- selection report page now shows number of unique values for columns with non-numeric values
- fieldmapping mapping debugged: db.query.PntSqlJoinFilter now works with both polymorphic persistency and column mapping

For more informattion see the release notes in menu of the examples site.

phpPeanuts 2.0 is available as part of the Commercial Edition. For more info see the Support menu.
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