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missing files?

2005-08-07 03:21:10
I sent this to the info account also so if you see it twice, ignore one.

There seems to be two files missing.  the file scriptmakesettings.php is not in the beta2 one, and the file baseurl.txt does not seem to be in the 1.1.

Maybe I'm missing some understanding.

2005-08-07 18:08:05
Hi Peter,

As the download page states, the beta 2 portable 1 is an uppgrade. In the readme.html file in the root folder you get from the zip file it is explained how to upgrade (or it you use 1.1, actually downgrade) an existing install of phpPeanuts.  For your convenience i just uploaded it to [url]http://www.phppeanuts.org/examples/portableUpgrade.html[/url], please follow the in instructions in this file.

Greetings, Success,

Henk Verhoeven.

BTW, i am working on the last tidbits of phppeanuts 1.2 alpha, which will be portable (run on both php4 and 5) too. I hope i can upload it tonight. This version will add substantial funcionality, please keep an eye on the "version 1.2" thread on this forum.

2005-08-07 18:13:11
Thanks.  Sorry for the post without reading the readme.  I finally did resort to that as a last ditch effort. :)

I also found the later discussion on the problem with buttons not returning.  I think I understand that also.

Peter Kellner
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