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Version 2.0 now available

2011-07-09 15:15:49
The open source release of phpPeanuts 2.0 is now available for download. It is released under the GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL).

It is Fully adapted to PHP 5:
- Fully compatible with ESTRICT standards
- Variable references are no longer used to pass objects. Therefore no risk of Reference Anomalies
- Usage and handling of Exceptions
- __toString implemented for most object types
- usage of __construct simplfies subclassing

It offers more flexibility:
- Seperate Parts for EditDetailsPage, ReportPage and PropertyPage allowing more flexibility in component reuse from different layouts
- Paths can now be used in EditDetailsPage for editing values of referred objects
- WidgetFactory simplifies the usage of Widgets outside EditDetailsPart
- General functions now in Uitilty class so that they can be overridden
- Initial values can now be passed through the request to EditDetailsPart and used in objects edited

- Menu items of the current type are now highlighted to support the end user's sense of location in complex applications
- recusive object copying function in EditDetailsPage (and PntDbObject)

An extended commercial edition is available on request under developers licenses that do not include obligations to publish derived works etc. For more info see the Support menu.

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