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What steps would be necessary to make a report show in xml?

2005-08-07 19:25:40
I'm wanting to output a report in xml that I can cut and paste from into another app.  (that is of all the datarows being reported on, hidden or not).

I'd appreciate a short list of what I would have to add.

2005-08-07 19:46:36
Hi Peter,

I am afraid i can not keep up with your questions. I need to have dinner and get this work on 1.2 alpha finished. For now i can just point into the right direction: making output in XML is basically the same thing as making a different design. Please look into example 11. But there is a difference: you probably only want a single page to output XML. If you follow example 11 you will get the entire user interface of an application to output XML. To get one page, start with making your own page class (see example 7). Override the methods printHeader and printFooter to output XML. Then dig into the parts and skins structure of the page to find the skins to specialize (see examples 4 and 5) and put XML in them. Finally read through example 11 again to see how to replace the remaining pieces of HTML it is putting out.

BTW, You are setting yourself to customize allmost every aspect of the design of a page. You will have to grasp much of the complexities of the user interfacing framework at once. It may be an idea to start with simpeler tasks. The tutorial has been made to lead you through simpeler tasks first. Example 11 is meant to be looked into after you looked into and experimented with the previous, simpeler examples...


Henk Verhoeven.
2005-08-07 19:53:10
Do not worry about my barrage of questions.  I am just very excited about the program you have written and get a little carried away.  Enjoy your dinner.  I am now going out for a morning bike ride so no questions for a while.

As you suggest, I will start with the basics and worry about xml later.  Since I don't yet know PHP very well, I have plenty of challenges.  I do know OO, and databases very well from other languages which is why I like your programs so much.

Lots of experimenting to do.

Peter Kellner
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