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some translation help

2005-08-16 19:42:35
opslaan is mislukt?

Also, a pointer to an translation dictionary if you know of one would be great.

2005-08-16 21:52:28
Hi Peter,

"opslaan is mislukt" has been adressed in version 1.2 alpha 2.

I have made a search for "aantal". It only occurs in:
- beheer.Stat This class has been occasionally included in 1.2 alpha 1. It is very old and horrible code, certainly not fit for publication. Please delete it.
- pnt.db.PntQueryHandler: in fields "aantalRecords" and "aantalVelden". This is a legacy from a distant past. The trouble is that some sites from this distant past did (and maybe still do) break encapsulation and referred to these fields directly from outside PntQueryHandler and its subclasses. In order not to break these sites the fields where not renamed for the time being, then forgotten. Thanks for reminding me that these fields need to be renamed. I have added it to my to do list for next release.

With respect to that dictionary: Maybe the following getters can be helpfull (copied from PntQueryHandler):

    function getRowCount() {
        return $this->aantalRecords;    
    function getColumnCount() {
        return $this->aantalVelden;    

(I suppose that anybody who had the evil idea to refer to these fields directly will refrain from it when he sees these getters ;-) )


Henk Verhoeven.

BTW, your other language comments have been processed too. There has some delay becuase i do work off line and only after some time i install the website CMS data all at once. Thank you for sending me those comments.

There will probably be more typo's in the new documentation on context scouting - i have not yet checked their spelling. May have to  wait for a few days, the weather is finally getting better here :-)
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