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Hoping not to create a religious war here

2005-08-29 01:56:53
I'm wondering if I can use PEAR libraries in my application without any issues.  Specifically, I'm wanting to use the DB_DataObject package in my Derived PntObject class.  I plan on implementing my own loadData and save functions.

Do you see any possible problems with this?
2005-08-29 11:02:30

I do not see a problem with combining phpPeanuts with PEAR. PEAR generally uses classes and prefixes that make it highly unlikely that you will run into naming conflicts with normal application code or other frameworks.

I think phpPeanuts and PEAR are complementary rather then overlapping. PEAR is more like a class library then like a framework. It offers many very usefull functions, so i think using it should be encouraged.

Furthermore, our features page states: "runs on most low cost web hosting accounts". Many of these accounts have PEAR installed. So if there are incompatibilities, please let me know.  


Henk Verhoeven.

P.S. Our own server has a version of PEAR installed too, but the following code failed to run:
    require_once "PEAR/Info.php";
This is a pre-installed version of pear, on a server with plesk, and the script only contained these two lines of code, so imho this code (i got it from the PEAR documentation website) should have worked right away. I don't have time to debug right now, so for the moment i can not tell you which version of PEAR i have installed.

This kind of problems is exaclty why I do currently not want to build the core of phpPeanuts to REQUIRE a certain version of PEAR to be installed: that would make installation of phpPeanuts harder. This would be different if we could just offer a zipfile with this version of PEAR to be extracted in the phpPeanuts rootfolder, but that is not possible due to license issues, and i doubt if it would work (why would they have an installation tool if installation could be that simple? ).
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