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2005-09-14 12:46:46
Have you ever noticed how almost all the tools available start with "index.php"? I suppose it's convenient for the authors to presume they will be the most important app in the web directory, but in reality it is more likely that each website will have its own main php page and the user will have to edit page after page of subdocs to make sure the links are referred to the correct page. 40 years ago when I started programming, we were told to NEVER use ambiguous addresses, and I still consider it bad form to use generic references that may result in bad app behavior. I propose that all references to "index.php" in this app be re-named to phppeanuts_index.php to prevent unintentional mis-branching, and tedious proofreading.


"There are 10 kinds of people; those that understand binary and those that don't."
2005-09-27 15:56:53
Hi Mike,

Sorry for the late reaction, i have been on vacation for a while, and i guess the others dit not consider you message urgent.

PhpPeanuts does not need to be in the root of your website. You can put phpPeanuts in a folder of its own. You are free to choose the name of the folder so that you can avoid naming conflicts.


Henk Verhoeven,

Post Edited (12-07-05 00:50)
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