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Version 1.3

1.3 beta 1
2006-05-30 23:16:16

1.3 beta 1 is now available for download. Here you can read what features will be included.

But fist i must announce that 1.3 will probably be the [b]last php4 compatible version[/b] of phpPeanuts. Next will be 2.0, the first "proper" php5 version. It will no longer use variable references for objects and will support calling "get$methodName and "set$methodName" directly, even if no getter or setter method is defined.

But let's talk about 1.3. The following is already working code, but not yet documented:

[b]NtoMRelationDialogWidget[/b] looks like a normal DialogWidget, but instead of opening an ObjectDialog it will open an ObjectNtoMDialog that looks much like an ObjectMtoNPropertyPage.

[b]ObjectEditDetailsDialog[/b] allows to quickly create new objects in response to a 'New' button added to Object(MtoN)Dialoog and ObjectMtoNPropertyPage.

[b]ArchDate[/b] is a ValueObject (google for the patter) representing archaelological dates back to 50e9 bC. These can be stored as strings in a database, sorted by the database and selected using < etc.

PntSqlJoinFilter can now be used to [b]search for values navigating over 1 to m and m to n relationships[/b] (the last requires a path of three steps). A remark must be made that the combination of JOIN and GROUP BY it uses, if not optimized very well by the database, can be slow on large tables (simple search makes it vary easy to combine many filters, combining many filters navigating x to m relationships may not be a good idea)

[b]PntMarkedItemsCollector[/b] was factored out from ObjectDeleteMarkedAction makes it easy to collect the peanuts corresponding to items in an ItemTable from your own Action or Page class.

[b]SearchPage[/b] sorting. The sorting is done server side and will support multiple sort criteria. The user can set the sort criterium by clicking on a columnheader, or throough a dialog that supports multiple sort criteria. Each criterium can be selected from the same list of filters as shown in the advanced search and can be set Ascending or descending.

The following has not yet been developed but may make it to 1.3:

[b]TreePart[/b] navigates a tree of peanuts using a specified relationship and shows them as an expandable tree. Probably the first version will need to refresh the entire page, maybe a later version will use AJAX. When an item is clicked the default response will be to get an ObjectEditDetaisPage for the item.

More features may be added here before 1.3 is released. PhpPeanuts development is generally driven by the needs of [url=http://www.metaclass.nl/]MetaClass[/url] for its commercial application development. When i have some leftover time i will test and build next release and document it.


Henk Verhoeven.

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1.3 beta 3
2007-03-09 22:46:26
1.3 beta 3:

With respect to function and bugs this version is considered to be of release candidate quality. It has nevertheless been made a beta becuase is has not been subjected to the security inspection all production releases will be subject to from now on. As the security requirements have been amended as well, changes are to be expected in release candidate 1.

What's new since 1.3 beta2:

- PntPage::getConvert now supports paths
- many E_NOTICE "Only variable references should be returned by reference" (php 4.4 and 5.1 and up) fixed (not all, see 'known bugs')
- Added new Comparator 'NOT LIKE' to SqlFilters and Searchpage advanced search
- Several minor changes, see changes.txt.

To avoid Reference Anomalies, applications running on 1.3.beta2 and higher should allways assign and pass primitive values, arrays and StringConverters by value unless there is a specific need to pass by reference (Check framework functions that (may) return objects to see if they return by reference or by value). Formerly the framework was passing arrays and StringConverters by reference, existing applications that did the same need to be adapted to avoid anomalies.
1.3 rc1
2007-06-18 12:15:31
Release Candidate 1 for version 1.3 is now availble for download.

What's new since 1.3 beta3:
    *  SessionBasesScout bug fixed. This bug was introduced in 1.3 beta2.
    * a series of changes to make semi-automated checking for risks of php injection and system-level command execution easier
    * Several minor bugfixes and changes, see changes.txt.
2007-06-18 12:23:34
Version 1.3 is now available for download. For more information see the release notes (a hyperlink is on the download page).

The work is now on 2.0, which will be for php5 only. No schedule has been set for 2.0. Meanwhile new versions of the php4 compatible 1.x series will be released, but they will be maintenance releases that will not contain major new features.
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