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Version 1.4 now available

2008-09-28 18:57:00
phpPeanuts 1.4.0 is now available for download.

Main new features are:
- AJAX support. This updates DOM elements in pages without refreshing the rest of the page. For this clientside javascript functions are added that can be used by the application developer. Serverside default Page classes now do special handling of AJAX requests to send updates of user interface Parts as XML. Several elements can be updated in a single request.
- Support of User authorization on application and type level;
- Cross site scripting and request forgery prevention ;
- Database abstraction with direct support for MySQL and SqlLite 2 databases, other databases are supported through PDO interface (requires PHP5);
- Uses Database transactions;
- Cascaded delete and protection against delete if dependents exist;
- User administration and authentication plugin avaliable (separate download)
- more flexibility for use in existing applications
- fieldmapping is now tested and debugged.

I believe this will make phpPeanuts 1.4 a full stack framework. If you think something is missing that is really required for a full stack framework, please reply below.
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