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2012-11-20 09:17:30
A few days ago i received an e-mail stating they would like to award phpPeanuts.org the Popular Wesite Awards. Now i would not call phpPeanuts a popular framework, so at first i thougt it was just another e-mail scam, but when i took a closer look the urls seemed authentic. Furthermore it said "PWA stands for Popular Website Awards, a widely recognised internet award program and inspirational portal, that identifies the pioneers on the internet". Now the open source framework has been in maintenance mode for years, but OTOH i recently found phpPeanuts,org listed in a blog on the 'next step in web development', so maybe it's more innovative then i thought.

So i took a look at the PWA website. It staid they want to identify and showcase websites of small and medium businesses that combine beautiful interactive design with intelligent technology, along with an unmatched dedication to the quality of their service. Their showcase contained a wide variety of websites of small businesses and individuals. It's hard to say from the surface how dedicated they are, but it looks convincing enough. I also tried to verify "widely recognised" through google but could not find it. But i didn't find any negative comments either, so i accepted the Award.

Yet i feel i owe you an expalanation about what drives the development and maintenace of phpPeanuits. As you may expect from the agile perspective, there is no master plan. First and foremost i do what i find usefulll for the commercial projects and services of MetaClass. Furthermore i need to practice newly obtained knowledge to deepen it and obtain know-how.

One could say phpPeanuts.org has, after its initial creation, mainly been a spin off of commercial development. Most results  go into the  extensions (see the Support menu). Only changes that fit well into the framework itself go into the framework. However, sometimes new knowledge leads to unsollicited maintenance. I am gratefull for that effort being appreciated.
2012-11-20 16:31:31
Last but not least i want to thank Bas & Ferry (www.basenferry.nl) for the CMS that inspired the initial creation of the framework, their support and cooperation during the first years and them sharing their ideas, improvements and extensions to the framework with me. I hope their success to be an inspiration to all developers using phpPeanuts like it is to me.

I also want to thank de developers that participated in the development of the two predecessing generations of frameworks without which the design of phpPeanuts would never have been so surprisingly stable while facilitating years of development and extension (see the history link on the features page).
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