/** returns funkyUrls setting
	* funkyUrls are search engine and user friendly urls.
	* index.php is replaced by $this->funkyAlias, equals and ampersands become forward slashes
	* if $this->funkyAlias does end with a / instead of a ? these are 
	* rewritten by the url rewriting feature of the webserver.
	* RequestData then is parsed explicitly by getFunkyRequestData. 
	* With Funky Urls all urls (including image src, stylesheets and scripts) must be absolute.
	* You must make these urls yourself, the framework will still output normal urls.
	* (Meant to be used in public sites, where Pages usually are only inheriting some very generic methods from PntPage and PntRequestHandler)
	function isFunkyUrls() {
		return $this->funkyUrls;