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How to change the context button behavior

First read what is a context button.

The context button is created by the addContextButtonTo method inherited from PntObjectDetailsPage. You can override this method when you have specialized a page, see how to specialize a page

Since version 1.2 alpha 1 most pages show a context button in most situations. Their behavior depends on Context Scouting. If it does not work as you expect see how to improve context scouting .

Before version 1.2 alpha 1 the context button did not appear when entering an EditDetailsPage by clicking an item in an IndexPage or SearchPage because these pages do not include a pntContext parameter in the url of the EditDetailsPage. You may change the url created by the IndexPage or SearchPage by overriding the javascript function tdlGetHref to make it include a pntContext parameter. The easiest way to override this javascript function is to include an overriding function in the skin of a part of the page. You may copy the default function from scripts/generic.js. Also see how to specialize a part of a page.