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What is a page

the whole of everything that a browser shows in a window or frame. Also the object that controls this.

Page classes are subclasses of PntPage, except for subclasses of PntPagePart. See the pnt/web/pages classFolder for the abstract page superclasses of the default user interface. To make the default user interface use a page object of a different class, see how to specialize a page.

Page objects by default print a header, a body and a footer. Further composition depends on the PntPage subclass and its parts and skins. For changing the default composition of a page, see how to specialize a part of a page.

Pages are only meant for output. Form processing is done by actions. Depending on its result an action may forward or redirect to a page for output.

There is a special ErrorPage for reporting errors to the user. Each application should have a special skin for its IndexPage as a startingpoint for browsing. 

Pages are included, created and invoked by the Site object on the basis of the pntHandler request parameter. See the design documentation about request dispatch.