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Exceptions of this class may be thrown by framework methods to signal and describe an error. PntErrors may be nested to describe errors that are cuased by other errors.

ErrorEception thrown by the ErrorHandler in case of a fatal error. Cought by actions to rollback database transactions.

PntErrorHandler default concrete subclass
Objects of this class log and handle errors using php's set_error_handler function and exceptions using php's set_exception_handler function. The error handler is instantiated and cofigured in the Site::setErrorHandler. If the host name equals the value of the developmenthost member variable the error handler will produce a walkback instead of redirecting to the ErrorPage.

PntGen default concrete subclass
utility class with general functions. Also defines some basic functions (non-OO) whose implementation depends on the php version or only exist in certain PHP versions.

Extends PntObject (see below). Abstract superclass for identiefied options. Identified options are static instances that are used to populate selection lists. Selection lists can also be populated by defining an options getter on the domain model class, see How to define options for a property.

Sort of an associative array that can hold multiple values under a single key.

General superclass of the Domain model classes that ere created by application developers to represent the application domain separate from representation in a user interface and hold business logic. Logical instances of PntObject are also called  Peanuts. The automatic user interface requires domain model classes to extend PntObject. Most domain model classes however will extend PntDbObject (see package pnt/db) so that their instances can be saved in a database and retrieved on demand. Application developers may also create PntObject subclasses to derive groupings, totals and statistics used in reports.

PntValueValidator default concrete subclass
A Validator is an object that checks a value against its constraint settings and returns an error message the value does not meet the criteria.

This file serves as a template for creating new subclasses of PntObject.


Function files

Not classes but collections of utility functions. 

  • depricatedFunctions defines the functions formelry defined in generalFunctions and php5Functions that are depricated in version 2.0.