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PntDatabaseConnection default concrete subclass
DatabaseConnections are used to specify a database connection (database name, username etc), usually from scriptMakeSettings.php in the classes folder. When connecting the object stores the database handle. If a Data Access Object (see package pnt.db.dao) or QueryHandler is provided when making the connection, the object is set to be the connection of that Data Access Object. One connection may be kept by ::defaultConnection and used by Data Access Objects that have no connection of their own. Also see How to use multiple databases.

ClassDescriptor for persistent peanuts. Main startingpont for Object Relational Mapping. Retrieves peanuts from the database. Generates SqlFilters for searching.
Override or reimplement this class to adapt persistency or create your own, see How to write your own persistency.

Exception type thrown by database functions to indicate database related errors.

Abstract superclass of persistent peanuts. Domain model classes must extend PntObject in order for the scaffolded default user interface to work. Most domain model classes however will extend PntDbObject so that they are mapped to the database.

Depricated, use pnt.db.dao.PntDao

(in file classTemplate.php) This file serves as a template for creating new subclasses of PntDbObject.