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PntHttpRequest (phpPeanuts >= 2.1) default concrete subclass

Offers access to all valid data from the Http request. Parses funky reqeustData. Validates the data. Logs validation warnings for bad input. Returns only valid input. May throw an Exception on invalid input. Initialized and delegated to by pnt.web.PntSite::initHttpRequest.

Abstract superclass of all controllers. Defines:

  • reference to parent requesthandlers in the requesthandler tree,
  • reference the front crontoller,
  • member variable for passing information for the user from one requesthandler to the other
  • formTexts associative arrray of objects for retrieving and validation of form values, used by widgets and SaveAction
  • helper methods used in many requesthandlers.

PntSite default concrete subclass
Front Controller class. Objects of this class are the single entrypoint for handling http requests. Site also starts some initializations, like connecting to the database as specified in scriptMakeSettings.php, setting the ErrorHandler, the debugMode.

Specifies application folder and domain model folder, supplies StringConverters, baseUrl and takes care of sessions.

PntStringConverter default concrete subclass
Object of this class convert strings to values and back according to their format settings. All user interface String conversions are and should be delegated to StringConverters to make override possible. Teh StringConverter also defines the character set used in the user interface and may be overridden to convert to/from the character set used in the domain model.