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phpPeanuts Commercial Extensions

The phpPeanuts commercial extensions are available as part  of the services of MetaClass to paying customers.

The following extensions are available:

  • User administration and authentication
  • AJAX TreePart for attractive representation of large tree structures
  • Advanced Search Extension for freely selecting multi step navigational search criteria and selection from options
  • EditDetialsPage with property item tables, like ReportPage
  • GridPart for more efficient data entry,can be used in EditDetailsPage too
  • Recursive component tree report
  • Local Hypercode Browsers that browse and search your own code too
  • Application generator for rapid prototyping in the requirements process, analysis and desing
  • Historical Data Management to include the time dimension in applications

To obtain the Commercial Extensions, please contact us for more information through http://www.metaclass.nl/.

PhpPeanuts 2.0 is available for download under the GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL). The commercial edition is available under developers licenses that do not include obligations to publish derived works etc. These licenses may be adapted to serve the needs of individual customers. There are currently no plans to make the extensions pubilcally available as open source.