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Fit Shelf extension for PhpFit

Fit Shelf is a reimplementation in PHP of the fixtures of Fit Library as described in the book "Fit for developing Software" of Rick Mugridge and Ward Cunningham, mainly chapters 10 and 28.

Fit Shelf is not a port of Fit Library. The reason to reimplement was that the porting of the 1175 KB java files of Fit Library would have an allmost herculean task. With only 63.5 KB in PHP source files Shelf is much simpeler. As it's name suggests it does not pretend to be a complete library, but rather a small shelf. But it does aim to be easyer to understand, use and port. And of course for PHP.

Fir Shelf differs on some points on the description of Fit Library in the book:

  1. Support of specific features of PHP, like mixed data typing, dynamic properties and the magic methods __get, __set and __call,
  2. Support for multiple object meta models,
  3. Support for the phpPeanuts framewok.

The first beta test version of Fit Sheldf is now available for download from www.metaclass.nl. This version has been successfully used for testing the Historical Data Mangement extension of phpPeanuts, but CalculateFixture and SetupFixture are not yet implemented and only two examples of the book have been ported and tested. Furthermore some refactoring of the adaptors is required. Finally it requires PhpFit, a port of Fit, and does probably not run on Fit for PHP (PEAR Package, a rebuild of Fit).

For more information you are referred to the documentation in the download. Fit Shelf is now available from GitHub.