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architecture Overview of software modules gifsvg
Web Based User Interface Composition
principle How the user interface works
request dispatch Which page or action class will be used
ErrorPage Shows fatal errors gifsvg
IndexPage Application Home Page gifsvg
ObjectDialog Search and Select objects gifsvg
ObjectEditDetailsPage Edits single value properties of an object gifsvg
ObjectIndexPage Browses all instances of a class gifsvg
ObjectPropertyPage Browses a multi value property of an object gifsvg
ObjectReportPage Generates a report on an object gifsvg
ObjectSearchPage Searches for objects gifsvg
ObjectSelectionReport Generates a report on selected objects gifsvg
Web Based User Interface Class Diagrams
web Types of Web User Interface classes gifsvg
actions Transactional form processing gifsvg
dialogs Popup window content generation gifsvg
dom Low level document classes gifsvg
pages Web page or frame-content generators gifsvg
parts Page Component classes gifsvg
report pages Page classes for report generation gifsvg
widgets Parts for entering form data gifsvg
Business Component Framework Design
db Business component persistency gifsvg
db.query query specification classes gifsvg
meta class- and property descriptors gifsvg
meta eval method invocation and attribute navigation gifsvg
Base and Database Abstraction Class Diagrams
basis general functions and class loading gifsvg
db abstraction data base abstraction and query execution gifsvg