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short descriptions of the classes per package

pnt The main package of the framework, holds several generic classes that do not fit into any of the subpackages.
pnt.db Main database oriented package, holds classes for persistency, connecting and exceptions.
pnt.db.dao Data Access Objects (Dao) are are used for executing database queries. They wrap several database extension api's.
pnt.db.query Offers a model and DSL and generates SQL for navigational queries used by SearchPages
pnt.graphics Is meant for future graphical extensions, but currently only holding class Point.
pnt.meta represents meta data about application domain models and implements generic meta-level behavior.
pnt.secu Security package
pnt.web Main package for the web based user interface, holding some generic user interfacing classes that do not fit into any of the subpackages.
pnt.web.actions Actions are controllers that change the state of the domain model of an application.
pnt.web.dialogs Dialogs are pages that are used to select one or more objects.
pnt.web.dom Models HTML document elements, merging values retrieved from a domain model and takes care of the required conversions and validations.
pnt.web.helpers Objects that take care of a specific task to help controllers
pnt.web.pages controllers the front controller and actions forward to take care of output generation
pnt.web.parts controllers that pages forward to to take care of specific parts in the output
pnt.web.widgets small parts that resemble data input elements in forms.