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What is a classDescriptor

An object that describes a class of peanuts (metadata)
ClassDescriptors are the closest things to class objects. If classes where objects we would not need a classDescriptor. Or would we? Java has class objects, it also has BeanDescriptors for Beans.

To get a classDescriptor, call static method PntClassDescriptor::getInstance with the class name as its argument (the class must already be included).

From classDescriptors propertyDescriptors can be retrieved. In some cases ClassDescriptors can retrieve peanuts. DbClassDescriptors also cache peanuts retrieved from the database and create default SqlFilters.

ClassDescriptors can be instantiated from PntClassDescriptor, from PntDbClassDescriptor or from a custom subclass of these. Given that classDescriptors are the closest things to class objects, PntClassDescriptor and their subclasses are the closest things to metaclasses.