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5. Custom skin for Employee details

This application is situated in the example5 folder. To run it on your own server you need the same data as for example3. To try it out on the phpPeanuts website click here.

It extends a copy from example 4 with a custom skin for the editing of Employee details.

To create the skin we followed the instructions from How to specialize the layout of a DetailsPage. Our skin is named 'skinEmployeeDetailsTable.php' and is situated in the example5 application folder.

After we created the skin we modified the layout so that the two tables that where placed beside one another became one table with a horizontal separation row that spans all columns and contains an HR tag. We gave the tables a width of 100% so that they fill the entire MainPart of the page.

Furthermore we replaced several printFormWidget calls by manually edited INPUT tags that reflect the maximum length of the property values as declared in the Employee class. Their values are printed by printFormText calls.