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How to modify framework code

In general we advise you not to do that. Every time you want to upgrade the framework code you will have to re-apply your changes. If the framework code is refactored you will have to refactor your changes too. So if you can, override framework behavior but do not change framework code. There are many howto's on this site that describe how you can override framework behavior without changing framework code.

Of course there are exceptions. In the first place, the concrete subclasses in the root classFolder. These are like templates meant to be modified by developers using the framework. Upgrades of the framework will not replace these classes. See how to keep your own code separated from framework code.

In the second place you may find situations where it is hard to override framework behavior, and a lot easier to modify framework code. If you find such a situation, please let us know. We may refactor the framework so that, in future, you will be able to override the behavior more elegantly without changing framework code. Suggestions for such refactorings are welcome.

In the third place you may like to develop improvements for the framework yourself, and give them back to the open source community. If you do, please consider if you would like us to incorporate them in the mainstream of the phpPeanuts framework. Or if you would like to work with us as a member of the phpPeanuts development team. Please contact us if you do.