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How to keep your own code separated from framework code

Your application will probably not only use its own classes, but also some of the predefined concrete subclasses defined by the phpPeanuts framework. To separate your code from the framework code, PhpPeanuts follows a code maintenance scheme of its own: many classes of the phpPeanuts user interface have been made abstract and subclassed. You can find these concrete subclasses in the root classFolder.

You can modify these concrete subclasses to override framework behavior. Upgrades of phpPeanuts will not include these concrete subclasses, so your own code will not be overwritten if you upgrade phpPeanuts.

If you modify the concrete subclasses in the root classFolder, you override or extend framework behavior for all applications. If you want to override or extend framework behavior for a single application, copy a concrete subclass to your application classFolder and modify the copy.

There is a limitation to these modifications: those made to the classes in the root class folder will not be inherited by the class that you copied to the application class folder. If you need to create your own generic behavior that can be overridden by concrete application specific subclasses, see how to keep your generic code separated from application code.