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How to translate column labels in itemTables

For most itemTables in the default user interface, column labels are retrieved from the getUiColumnPaths static method on the corresponding peanut class. If this method returns a numerical key for a column, the column label defaults to the property label. If you do not need the column name to differ from the property label, see how to make property labels in a different language. Otherwise you can replace the type label by overriding the getUiColumnPaths method. See Employee::getUiColumnPaths from example 10.

For the default report pages the column labels are retrieved from getUiReportPaths. If this method returns numerical keys they default to the property label. If the getUiReportPaths method is inherited from PntObject the report columns are defaulted to the result of getUiColumnPaths. Overriding getUiReportPaths is analogous to overriding getUiColumnPaths.

Some pages may define their own item table columns. In this case you have to override the method that defines the columns on a subclass of the page class. You can also do that if you want to override item table columns labels specific to a page class.

For all these overrides you will need to follow a code management scheme that allows customization. See how to keep your application code separated from customization code.