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How to override which propeties show up in the user interface

By default the user interface shows all properties except 'label' and id-properties.

The simplest way to override this is to set its propertyDescriptor visible property to false (example). This will also remove the buttons of multi value properties.

You can also override the getUiFieldPaths method of a peanuts class and let it return a string with the names of the properties to show, in the same order as to show them (example).

This affects almost all property representations, including the columns in itemTables. How to override columns in an item table. It does not affect properties in an instance of a subclass of PntObjectReportPage. The only way to override which properties are shown by an ObjectReportPage, is to override getFormTextPaths.

Overriding getFormTextPaths is also necessary if you want to override which properties are shown in a specific page or page type. You can override getFormTextPaths in the specific class of your page (not in the pnt class!), but that may affect all applications. If you do not want to affect all application you may have to copy the subclass to your application classFolder or subclass in the application class folder replacing 'Object' with the type of peanuts it should be used for.
See how to specialize a page.