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How to override the default search options list of a SearchPage

The filters for the default search option list of searchPages are retrieved by the classDescriptor from the static method 'getFilters' on the class of the type of peanuts searched for. To change the list you may override this method, call the parent method to get the standard SQL filters array, remove some filters and/or instantiate your special filters and add them to the filters array and return the array. See example 4.

For creating filters see how to create and use filters.

If you want to use combined filters in default search pages using an instance of PntSqlCombiFilter, the filters to be combined must have the same valueType and itemType. The valueType, itemType and key properties must be set explicitly. However, all this has only been tried for the simple search, click here to see how the simple search filters are created.  

Multiple filters created this way with arbitrary paths as well as sortObjects with arbitrary paths should work seamlessly together if combined in a single query. The sortobject will usually be added later, it is not to be returned by the getFilters method.

Of course, if you specialize the FilterFormPart that uses the filters, you have more freedom in how the filters are retrieved, combined and presented. Also see how to specialize a part of a page.