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How to sort the rows in an item table

If you want all instances of a class to be sorted differently by default in item tables as well as in select lists, add a method 'getLabelSort' to the class and have it return a n instance of PntSqlSort (example).

If you want an item table on a specific page or page type to be sorted differently, the method to override depends on the class of your page:

inherits form: override method:

PntObjectIndexPage getRequestedObject
PntObjectSearchPage getRequestedObject or PntFilterFormPart::getSort
PntObjectPropertyPage getInitItemTable
PntObjectReportPage printPropertyItemTable
PntObjectSelectionReportPage getRequestedObject

If you do not want to affect all application you may have to copy the subclass to your application classFolder or subclass it in your application class folder replacing 'Object' with the type of peanuts it should be used for. See how to specialize a page.