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What is the InformationPart of a page

The part that shows the result of the getInformation method to the user
In the standard layout it is the part below the MenuPart. The Composition of the standard pages is documented in the  Page Composition menu in the design section of this documentation.

The content of the InformationPart may show:

  • the value of the information field set by the action that forwarded to the page,
  • the value of the pntInfo session parameter,
  • edit feedback on erroneous form values,
  • the edit information retrieved from the peanut edited,
  • the number of items in an itemTable, 
  • some other information, as decided in the 'printInformationPart' or 'getInformation' method of the page object.
The css style name for the PnformationPart is returned by the getInfoStyle method of the page object. Predefined information style names are available from the 'getInfoStyleOk' and the 'getInfoStyleError' methods.