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What is a context button

The button labeled context that should lead back to the last page with the itemsTable that containts the peanut shown
The context was created to define the page that is shown after a peanut that is currently edited is deleted. The idea was to bring back the page with the itemTable in which the user clicked to go edit the peanut. The back function of the browser could have served for this if not the user could have gone through several edit pages, for example to correct errors. Once this context was available the context button was added so that the user could go choose to go to the context page.

Before 1.2 alpha 1 the context was only communicated by the context page through the pntContext parameter. It contains the pntType, id and eventually the pntProperty of the context page separated by an
asterisk. This information is too limited to cover all situations. Since version 1.2 alpha 1 the context is tracked through Context Scouting. The context button brings the user back to the last context in the trail.