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What is the debug mode

setting for the frameworks debug support
The framework can add debug information to the page output. This is meant to help developers to find out from what parts a [whatis:page] is composed, from what classses the page and its parts are instantiated, what [whatis:skin|skins] are included and what printPart methods are used. It shows how the current page class and page composition can be overridden to specialize the page or its parts.

There are two kinds of debug information:

  • Information on the page class, visible to the user in the information part of the page. This information is only included if the debug mode is 'verbose'.
  • Information on page parts in html comments, only visible in the html source of the page (your browser can show this source). This information is included if the debugMode does not evaluate to false. However, if the debug mode is 'verbose' it will not only identify the including page or part and the included part, but also tell what the include options are and which where actually used.
How to set the debug mode