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How to set the debug mode

The debug mode is defined in class PntSite, but can be overriden by setting the debugMode field of the Site object. The following values are recognized: '', 'short', 'verbose'.

The easiest way to set the debug mode for all applications is to edit the class Site and use the code from the comment with the var $debugMode override.

If you want to set debugMode for a single application we advise to edit the index.php of the application and add a line like $site->debugMode = 'verbose'; immediately after the line that assigns a new Site to $site. An example of this can be found in example6.

For what the debug mode does, see what is the debug mode. For information on how phpPeanuts handles errors and (does not) print informative error messages, see how to hande E_USER_WARNING and E_USER_ERROR.

TIP: Since 1.2, when you are debugging you can output a backtrace even if there is no error by calling pntPrintBacktrace(debug_backtrace());