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PntButtonPart default concrete subclass
Part that outputs a button in html. Used by ButtonsPanel.

PntButtonsPanel default concrete subclass
Part that outputs html for two rows of buttons.

PntDetailsPart default concrete subclass
part of  pnt.web.pages.PntObjectReportPage that shows labels and values the single value properties of the requested object.

PntEditDetailsPart default concrete subclass
mainpart of  pnt.web.pages.PntObjectEditDetailsPage

PntFilterFormPart default concrete subclass
Part used by SearchPage to output html describing search forms. The search options are modeled by filters.

PntHorizontalTablePart default concrete subclass
TablePart showing items one per column instead of PntTablePart showing one per row.

PntMenuPart default concrete subclass
Part that outputs html descirbing a menu. By default includes skinMenuPart.php from the includes folder. Includes skinSubMenu.php when printSubMenu is called with the  application folder name as the argument.

PntMtoNFilterFormPart default concrete subclass
Part used by PntObjectMtoNSearchPage. Specialization of PntFilterFormPart that produces a smaller layout to fit into the smaller space available to PntObjectMtoNSearchPage.

PntMtoNPropertyPart default concrete subclass
Part used by ObjectMtoNPropertyPage. Contains a table from which the user can remove items by clicking their remove icons, and a SearchFrame with an MtoNSearchPage from which the user can search and add items by clicking in them. The table is adapted client-side to show the resulting related items. When the save button is pressed the id's of the added and removed items are sent to the server and processed to add and remove the relationship objects according to the selections of the user.
This part can also be used inside a TabsPart inside an EditDetalsPage to create a single large form that holds both the detailsPart as the MtoNSearchPart(s). The user can then edit each tab and after he is finished send the entire form to the server at once so that all details and n to m relationships are processed at once.

PntMultiPropsPart default concrete subclass
Generates a PropertyPart for each multi value property of the requested object. Used by  pnt.web.pages.PntObjectReportPage

Abstract superclass of user interface parts. Generates html for a part of a page.

PntPropertyPart default concrete subclass
mainpart of  pnt.web.pages.PntObjectPropertyPage showing the values of a multi value property in an item table (PntTablePart).

PntSortDialogPart default concrete subclass
Part that outputs the MainPart of PntObjectSortDialog.

PntTablePart default concrete subclass
Part that outputs html describing a table with rows for object and columns for their properties. As a default columns can be specified in metadata on the class specified by pntType request parameter, see  How to override columns in an item table.

PntTabsPart default concrete subclass
Part that generates a tab bar and corrsponding content divs that are shown/hidden by clicking on a tab div in the tab bar. Content is generated by printPart on the whole or on specified parts.