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Abstract Dialog superclass. Most dialogs do not inherit from this class but implement its interface.

PntObjectDialog default concrete subclass
Dialog with FilterFormPart for searching and selecting an object. Opened from PntDialogWidgets.
Extends PntObjectSearchPage. Overrides pntGetHref javascript function so that clicking on a row in the table with the search result selects the corresponding object and closes the dialog.

PntObjectEditDetailsDialog default concrete subclass
Dialog to edit details of a single peanut. Opened from PntObjectMtoNPropertyPages to add a new item. Extends PntObjectEditDetailsPage. Because of limited task propertybuttons are excluded. Save button closes the dialog and adds the item to the NtoMPropertyPages.

PntObjectMtoNDialog default concrete subclass
Dialog for editing the value of an MtoNDialogWidget. Uses MtoNDialogPart and ObjectMtoNSearchPage.

PntObjectSortDialog default concrete subclass
Dialog for selection of multiple columns to sort on. Used by SearchPages.

PntObjectVerifyDeleteDialog default concrete subclass
Dialog for verifying a recursive delete of one or more objects. The dialiog is opened before the form is submitted to Delete(Marked)Action.